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ADD/HD, Autism, Asperger’s:
Different Symptoms, One Problem

New Approach Corrects Causes of Childhood Neurologic Disorders

Dr. Jay Bertsch Explains Natural Treatment
for Brain Disorders

Interactive Metronome Helped Alicia With Her ADD

A Natural Approach For Treating ADD/ADHD

Challenging Current Beliefs

We’ve been told that conditions such as ADD/HD, autism, asperger’s, and other neurological conditions are separate problems with no explainable root cause and no real cure. Adults and children alike are affected. The only way to treat is with psychiatric drugs (which mask symptoms), and to learn coping techniques or how to “manage” the problem. This doesn’t offer patients who suffer or parents of children diagnosed much hope!

Non-Medical Approach can Change a Life

New research shows that virtually all of these conditions are related to the same problem-poor neuro connections creating nerve cellsimbalances in electrical activity in the brain. In order for the brain to function normally, the right and left hemispheres must work in harmony, much like an orchestra. There must be balance and proper communication through electrical impulses between hemispheres.

Doctors are now finding that in these “disconnected brains,” the two sides of the brain do not mature at the same rate and the electrical activity gets out of balance. This disconnect is then played out through unusual or disturbing behavior ranging from impulsive actions and emotional outbursts to an inability to focus and social isolation.

As an example, we see many kids with a right brain deficiency. They generally do poor with word problems and math reasoning, have balance and gait issues, are insensitive to feelings and emotions, can’t read non-verbal cues, and don’t have good reading comprehension. They do poorly in school and tend to “act out.”

Another problem is when brain degeneration occurs due to our modern diet, lifestyle, stress, environmental toxins or trauma. This results in unhealthy patterns of brainwave activity.

Different parts of the brain have different jobs, requiring different types of brainwave frequencies. Our upper brain consists of four lobes, each having different responsibilities and frequencies. Brainwave patterns should not be identical in each lobe since their jobs differ.

If your brain is unable to transition between different lobes in the correct frequency for that activity or function, you will not be able to perform or respond in the same way that someone with normal brainwave patterns will.

Reconnecting Brain Hemispheres and Balancing Brainwave Patterns

Brain imaging scans show that with proper stimulation, the weak side of the brain will improve and make new connections between cells. The new connections in the weak side re-connect with the functioning side of the brain and rhythm is restored,neurofeedback resulting in a wholly functioning brain.

Unhealthy brain wave patterns have been shown to be reversed using a technology that actually “trains” the brain to normalize brainwave patterns. The brain has the ability to self regulate and stay in the normal range by using an innovative therapy called Neurofeedback.

This is what the Team Health Care Clinic Reconnect the Brain Protocol is all about. Disconnected brains now become reconnected; unhealthy brainwave patterns are normalized. Function is restored, behavior is changed, and you or your child has a better quality of life.

Children (and adults) who have gone through programs like this have shown amazing improvement. We’ve seen improvement in athletic ability and social skills. Withdrawn children who rarely spoke have become happy, active, social achievers. Kids have advanced several grade levels in a matter of months. It is life changing not only for the child, but for the entire family.

How the Team Health Care Clinic Reconnect the Brain Protocol Works

Our approach consists of three areas:

  • Stimulation: targets weak areas to strengthen & restore communication to other areas of the braininteractive metronome
  • Activation: physical exercises stimulate coordination between muscle groups
  • Fuel: nutrition and diet helps remove imbalances and provides proper nutritional building blocks

The first step is to assess the extent of imbalance. This is done over a series of  three appointments and includes:

  • Functional neurology testing for imbalances
  • Metabolic assessment (diet, allergy, neurotransmitter, detoxification)
  • Interactive Metronome assessment (determines brain’s processing speed and ability to focus)
  • Physical Therapy assessment (gross motor skills)
  • Neurofeedback maps the brain’s electrical activity and reports on probability or extent of cognitive and emotional problems.

We may also do lab tests, which may include gluten, stool, food allergies, chemical sensitivity and others.

Review and Recommendations:

If it is determined that you or your child will benefit from this program, we will develop a plan of treatment frequency and duration and order any needed lab tests. We will also discuss program costs and payment options. Your program will be designed to address specific imbalances based upon the findings in our assessments, which are very comprehensive. Treatment may include one or more of the following:

We will not recommend the program if we are not confident you or your child will be helped in some way!

The Results You Can Expect

What can you expect to see from this unique approach? Patients and parents frequently see improvement in the following areas:

  • Increased academic performance and better gradesKids Sports
  • Decreased negative behavior
  • Elimination of aberrant and/or extreme behavior
  • Marked improvement in communication and social skills
  • Better focus, attention and concentration
  • Improvement in mood
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved quality of life; overall more well-adjusted, happy and thriving individual

Our goal is to see the brain fully functioning, allow the patient to get off medications, do better in school, perform athletically, have a better family life and do better socially- in other words, to have the healthy, active, and thriving life that every person deserves!

Team Health Care Clinic, PC also successfully treats adults with these conditions.

What Should I Do Next?

  • If you or your child is suffering from any of the above symptoms, e-mail us at the link below or call our Champlin chiropractic office at (763) 323-1492 to schedule your FREE consultation.
  • Mention the offer code “RECONNECT THE BRAIN” to receive the free services.

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