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Our practitioners talk about Team Health Care treatments…

Dr. Joe talks about Spinal Decompression

Dr. Jay explains Interactive Metronome

Dr. Lori Demonstrates Graston Myofascial Release

What our patients say about Team Health Care…

Gary’s Story

Golfing Again After Team Health Care Clinic, PC Helps With Low Back Pain

Mary Grace’s Story

Interactive Metronome at Team Health Care Helps Coordination and Social Skills

Laurie’s Story

Laurie’s Story: “Pain Free from Arthritis Thanks to Team Health Care Clinic”

Don’s Story

Don’s Story: “Back Pain Gone After Chiropractic at Team Health Care Clinic”

Juanita’s Story

Juanita’s Story: “Pain in Legs Gone After Six Years Thanks to Team Health Care Clinic”

Monica’s Story

Monica’s Story: “No More Migranes Thanks to Champlin Chiropractor”

Laurie’s Story

Laurie’s Story: “Lost 40 Pounds With Team Health Care Program”

Noah’s Story

Noah’s Story: “I am back 100% and Playing Sports Again after a Concussion”

Kathy’s Story

Kathy’s Story: “I am Pain Free from Torticollis after Suffering for 4 Years”

Joe’s Story

Joe’s Story: “I Got Relief from Headaches and Chronic Back Pain”

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